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Sorority spanking story

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Thus every girl who wanted an shot at a sorority got a chance to get in and allowed some screening for the best pledges.

Three sisters stood guard in front Sigma Epsilon Chi, checking off names and directing pledges and parents to the pledge quarters.

The stories you are about to read take place over a span of 50 years. Minutes ticked by before I began manoeuvring my way down his body, unbuttoning his shirt.

Thanks for your comments. Asian massage parlor tumblr. Sorority spanking story. Lay on your back and I'll sign inside your thigh. Generally, in this sorority, at least, the Big Sisters take responsibility for disciplining their Little Sisters, except in cases where the Little Sister breaks the same rule repeatedly or shows a general disregard for the rules, in which case Amanda will step in and handle it, usually with a paddle, belt, or cane, or asking the girl to leave the sorority, like Francesca.

At 12 years old I was in love with my cousin. You must have a fellow male student allow you to take a picture of his fully erect cock. Amber took a deep breath then stepped forward. Casey put the paddle down and could see blood red blotchy oval paddle marks as Rebecca could feel the heat radiating from her throbbing dark red bottom. Your behind is enormous! Thanks again to the reader that contributed it. Nina podolska nude. I myself, along with Elliot and Amanda, am working toward becoming a detective.

They said for the other brunette to switch places. There are other sororities on campus, like Beta Epsilon Kappa, who just want to party all the time. I could give you each 15 for being late and another 10 for being disrespectful. And Liv, welcome back. I finally returned us to the task at hand. Thing were just different back then.

I guess they were satisfied that we all were what they call well done. I want play with you! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Also the Sexual Element does not necessary mean sexual arousal by the spanker or girl, but rather sexual tension. Even a quick one would be acceptable right now.

Sorority spanking story

She raced up the front steps and through the front door, nearly plowing into a blonde girl carrying a notebook. I would comfort her and we would make out and she even gave me a hand job with my dick out. Anal russian milf. A quick search of her nightstand, and she slide her glasses on just in time to see Jessica have the same realization; they did not have much time to get ready. I also had a desire to give Mary Ann a spanking. Do you want to take down your pants yourself, or do you need me to do it for you?

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Alex's tears of pain suddenly turned to tears of joy.

Amber took a deep breath then stepped forward. Funny naked women pics. I could still feel the cum coming out of my cunt. Much worst that the paddle in school. The eighth and final lick caused Lacy to transform into a bawling newborn baby. Sorority spanking story. Why did you all get paddled? As she was about to have a meltdown, her mother went to the restroom.

The sororities got points to cast on applicants each semester based upon their placement in the intergreek games. Commentary Letters to the Editor Support. I messed up and deserve to be punished. Does anyone want to quit. Naked lesbian movies. The ickyness of sweat cooling in the AC coupled with missing a shower in the morning was a little much for Amber.

Lacy felt like fainting when she saw it. Is one of you willing to admit they broke rule 6 then we can get going to dinner? She looked at me and told me to go over to Deb. I won't hurt you.

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We knew we had another paddling coming and maybe 2 more. Her panties actually appeared pink from the red glow her butt was generating when Sarah finished. Put on the blindfold. We had to swallow a raw egg next. It was probably related to some silly induction ceremony.

Lacy put her arm around her mother and said: Kayla, what is the fifth Rule of Decorum? I wasn't counting but about She tossed the sweat shirt on a hanger then made her way back out to the main room. She no longer felt the menacing presence of the paddle and realized her first lick was arriving soon.

This year, like always, is starting right on time. Girls boating naked. Sorority Girl On Snapchat Lacy knew she was in for a world of hurt. What made you want to be a detective? For no reason they swat you with a paddle, I asked. I tried to relax and she slid first one then two fingers up my ass. Since I took after my mother, I think I have enough protection in my backside to handle six swats.

Joan said she thought she need a cold pack. Lacy let out a shrill scream but was quickly greeted with the final swat crashing against her guaranteed soon to be bruised bottom. After the 30 minute brake we were taken to the living room and told to lay down. We are all busy people and have other things to do than wait around for girls who can't be bothered to show up on time. Hi, I am Jan and now the president of the top sorority on campus, I have to monitor our pledges to make sure they are up to our standards.

Kim said to spread our legs. Problem solved and no belt for you tonight. How is your butt?

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We did some kissing, but that was it. Lesbians doing doggy style. Now we need to know who has never been fucked by a man. Not enjoying having to rat out her accomplices, Lacy reluctantly replied: Despite being close friends and knowing Principal Mitchell her entire life, it dawned on Lacy that Principal Mitchell was not going to be lenient.

The sorority comes first I winced at the derogatory pet name, but I began to walk over, but was stopped. Lesbian hot sex porn video John Holloway, associate dean for Student Judicial Services, said the incoming members were spanked with a paddle and verbally abused on several occasions beginning Feb.

I found a guy willing, but it took longer than expected. Again no foreplay this was just a fuck. Spanking Pass 3 Site deal. Create a new Playlist.

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